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Landerlab is the only landing page builder specifically thought for affiliates. The whole platform is built based around the specific needs of affiliate marketers and stripped of the rest.

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Why is Landerlab the Best Landing Page Builder for Affiliates ?

100s of Affiliates Templates

We know exactly what landers work best for affiliates and we have handpicked the best ones as templates. Regardless of whether you are running advertorials on native ads, mVAS offers on pop/push, or eCOM on META we’ve got you covered. Just browse our collection of templates, pick the one that suits you best and you are ready to go live.


Clone Any Landing Page from URL

See a landing page from a competitor that inspires you? You can have it in your Landerlab account in minutes. Just enter their URL, click the import button and in a minute it will be ready to be edited in Landerlab. Also, we’ve included some cool features like “Mass outgoing links replace” etc which will make your life easier.

Import any Page from AdPlexity

AdPlexity has been the leading spy tool for affiliates for a decade and Landerlab fully integrates with it. What it means is that on any landing page, you see on AdPlexity, you can click the “Import to Landerlab” button and you will be able to edit it in your Landerlab account in seconds.

Integrate with the Top Trackers

All affiliates that have been doing this for long enough use a tracker to measure their campaign’s performance. Landerlab is natively integrated with the top two trackers in the market, ClickFlare and Voluum. When you create a new landing page on Landerlab, the tracking code from your favorite tracker will be automatically added and you can add this lander on the tracker from Landerlab directly. No need to leave the editor.

Urgency Elements & Much More

Certain landing page elements have always been used by affiliates to boost conversion rates. We’ve included a wide variety of such elements so you can use them with a click.

From countdown timers to sticky bars, popups & much more, we’ve got them all.

Powerful Analytics

Even if you don’t use a third-party tracker or Google Analytics, Landerlab offers great out-of-the-box analytics. By default you will be able to see visitors, landing page click-through rate, leads, and conversions. And for conversions, you can define anything you like, from a link click, to a form submit or a view on a thank you page.

Powerful Analytics

A/B Testing Made Easy

Split testing landers is a matter of clicks in Landerlab. Just pick your control version, the variation(s) and their respective weights are you are good to go. Landerlab will rotate between them without changing the URL. This allows you also to stay compliant with all the major traffic sources like Google Ads, Meta, TikTok, etc.

A/B Testing Made Easy

Dynamic Text Replacement

Landerlab recognizes macros like [[country]],[[city]],[[operatingSystem]], and much more which you can use in your text and will be replaced automatically on page load. This allows you to personalize your user’s experience.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Upload Landing Page from ZIP

Regardless if you have your landing pages in your server or another third-party service you can migrate easily to Landerlab. Just zip your landers, upload them to Landerlab and you are good to go.

Upload Landing Page from ZIP

Lead Collection Forms

Collecting leads is a proven way to squeeze the most out of your campaigns. In Landerlab is very easy to collect leads using lead collection forms. We have a wide variety of such forms. Just drag and drop one you like, customize the fields and colors and you are ready to start getting leads. Also, Landerlab offers a full CRM to manage leads and can post them to third-party services using native integrations or Zapier.

Lead Collection Forms

Blazing Fast Pages

Landing page speed is extremely important for performance marketers. That’s why all pages hosted by Landerlab are blazing fast. Landerlab uses Cloudflare’s distributed CDN network to host your pages. This means every time a user wants to open your page, it’s served from the closest server to them, making it extremely fast. Also, you can send as much traffic as you want, without ever worrying that your servers will crash. Scale effortlessly without needing to be a tech expert. We will take care of the excellent uptime and speed of your landers.

Blazing Fast Pages


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