15 Proven Examples of High Converting Landing Pages

May 21, 2024

Anxhela Tomani

Anxhela Tomani



Building high converting landing pages is a science as much as it is an art. While coming up with visually attractive designs and writing exceptional copy requires some creativity, there’s a specific formula you need to follow for better results. After all, a great landing page is a page that converts. It’s a page that gets you more email addresses, customers, or subscribers.

There are a few key elements that every high converting landing page includes. Once we’ve covered what these key sections are, we will look at some successful landing page examples you can use as inspiration when creating your own. 

We will then show how you can easily create converting pages without any prior coding or design knowledge using landing page builder tools.

If you’re new to landing pages, we recommend reading our article that explains what landing pages are and why you need them. 

4 Essential Elements of a High Converting Landing Page 


  1. The first step is all about narrowing down your main value proposition – what benefits can a prospective client expect from your offer? What makes your offer unique in relation to your competition? These benefits should be reflected throughout the entire page. Next time you plan on creating a lander, try following these two steps first:
    • On a separate document, write down your value proposition: this is one short sentence that summarizes your offer. 
    • Write down the three key benefits or features of your offer. Focus only on the things that will interest your target audience the most. 
  2. Next, you will need a good headline and supporting sub-headline. A good headline is catchy, and it clearly communicates your value proposition, while a good sub-headline offers further support to your headline. 
  3. While great copy will take you a long way, you also need to focus on the visual part of your page. These days, clean and simple designs convert really well. Using your brand’s colors is preferable, because it will help customers recognize and remember you. You also need to choose your hero shot – this is the image at the top of your landing page. Below, we will show you various designs that top performing companies use for better conversions. If you need some more help with choosing your landing page image, read our article that focuses on this.
  4. Last but not least, you will need a strong call-to-action, commonly referred to as CTA. The call to action is generally a phrase that will motivate your visitor to take action (subscribe, download, buy). Landing pages generally display their call-to-action in the form of a button. To make this even more effective, you will need to personalize the CTA as much as possible. 

Now that you know all four essential elements that need to be included in a landing page, let’s take a look at some examples! 

15 Examples of High Converting Landing Pages 

Before we start, how do we know what a good conversion rate is? According to HubSpot, the average conversion rate across all industries stands at 9.7%. In reality, the target conversion rate varies heavily across industries. Check out this benchmark report from Unbounce to see what the average conversion rate for your industry is. 

We’re going to look at 15 landing page examples next, and analyze what makes them great. 


First, we have Netflix’s trial landing page – a simple page to promote the streaming service’s 30 days free trial period. Netflix has gone for a clean interface –  there’s not a lot of text or additional elements included. Since they are not directly selling anything at this point, this page works great. 

What makes this landing page convert?

  • Straight-to-the-point headline: the headline directly explains what you can expect from this offer, and the usage of the word  ‘Unlimited’ makes it even more powerful. They have effectively summarized their entire value proposition in a few keywords. 
  • Risk-free sub-headline: through this page, Netflix is basically reassuring you that you’ll lose absolutely nothing if you just try out their free trial. They do this by adding ‘Cancel anytime’ on their sub-headline. People are risk-averse by nature, so if you’re promoting a free trial, make sure to eliminate any possible risk for your visitors. 
  • Clear CTA: the CTA ‘Try 30 days free’ is very personalized for this specific offer, and again it mentions clearly what you can expect if you proceed. The fact that you only need to write down your email address here also helps conversions – people are more likely to give away their email address than their phone number or home address


2. Neil Patel 

Neil Patel

Marketing expert Neil Patel is promoting his webinar through this landing page. Again, this is a very simple page optimized for conversions. 

What makes this landing page convert?

  • Catchy headline: this headline works for multiple reasons. First, it summarizes in one sentence the value you’ll get from attending. Next, the incorporation of data makes the value proposition more trustworthy. 
  • Good hero image/overall look: generally, people like to put a face to a name and know who’s behind the scenes. It adds a personal touch and makes visitors feel more connected to your brand. In this case, Neil Patel has used an image of himself, which perfectly represents his brand. Also, the colors used here reflect his brand colors. 
  • Highly personalized CTA: before, we mentioned that a personal CTA converts better, and this one is extra personalized. Not only does the CTA stand out visually, but it also immediately establishes a sense of connection with the brand and the offer. 


3. Shopify


Shopify’s free trial landing page is another example of a perfectly executed page. Apart from the clean design, the e-commerce platform’s page includes a few extra elements compared to the first two examples. 

What makes this landing page convert?

  • Testimonial: on the left-hand side, you will find a testimonial from one of Shopify’s top clients. This simple step immediately establishes trust. 
  • Key benefits: at the bottom of the right-hand side, Shopify includes their 3 key benefits. They are short and concise, because this page is only promoting the free trial, but they already give you an idea of what you can expect from Shopify. 

4. Adplexity 


Marketing intelligence tool Adplexity is yet another example of a simple landing page that works! 

What makes this landing page convert?

  • No-brainer CTA: not only is the call-to-action personalized, it’s also written down in a way to make it seem like a clear no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to get a 30% discount? 
  • Show-don’t-tell hero shot: the hero image simply gives you a sneak peek into Adplexity’s dashboard to show you what you can expect from the tool.

5. Trello 


Project management tool Trello has a great landing page to promote their basic free version. We’ve already had a few similar examples, so by now you know that they only ask for your email address to get more conversions. The CTA is also straight-to-the-point, and it stands out. But there are other elements that make this page convert. 

What makes this landing page convert?

  • Value proposition: Trello’s value proposition on the headline is even more powerful, because it directly touches upon their customer’s pain point – productivity. Trello is all about planning and managing projects effectively, so mentioning ‘get more done’ directly speaks to their ideal visitor. 
  • Fun hero image: the hero image is showing, in a creative way, how Trello’s interface looks like. The colors also fit with Trello’s brand identity and radiate trust. 


6. GrowthHack 


This landing page does a lot of things right – let’s dive into it! 

What makes this landing page convert

  • Killer headline & sub-headline: numbers and statistics are more tangible, so the headline (and sub-headline) work particularly well when it comes to conveying Growthhack’s value proposition. 
  • Video: according to HubSpot’s research, adding video to your landing page can increase conversions by up to 86%! 
  • Key benefits & clear CTA: the key benefits are personalized for their target audience, truly showing their visitors not only what they’ll get from this offer, but also why they should care about it. The CTA is clear and ignites a sense of urgency.

7. NordVPN 


This landing page used to promote NordVPN’s Cyber Monday sale is also relatively simple, the key features are listed, and the CTA is personalized, but there are two other elements I would like to focus on. 

What makes this landing page convert

  • Timer: if you’re promoting a special deal, discount or other time-sensitive offer, adding the timer can be highly effective. It simply increases the sense of urgency, and it will help convert more visitors. 
  • Risk-free: at the bottom, you can see the text ‘30-day money-back guarantee’. By removing any possible risk, more people are likely to click on ‘Get the Deal’.

8. Lyft 


Ride-sharing company Lyft uses a very eye-catching landing page to promote their app. While there are a few small things that could be improved, such as the non-visible text of the sub-headline, the landing page has several great elements. 

What makes this landing page convert

  • Bold headline: Lyft knows their competition, and they’re not being subtle about why you should choose them over Uber if you’re considering becoming a driver. The data in the sub-headline further elaborates on the title. 
  • Hero image/overall look: not only do these colors represent the brand’s identity, but the hero image itself serves as a sort of testimonial. You can see a Lyft driver who is clearly happy, and again it establishes that connection and trust with a brand.

The key elements at the bottom further explain Lyft’s benefits. You may be doubting their reason for requesting a mobile phone number in their form, but since you expect a level of seriousness from people who want to become Lyft drivers, this is a good choice. Remember, quality over quantity! 

9. LeadFeeder 


Lead generation tool LeadFeeder combines a lot of the tips we discussed above. They have a clear value proposition on their headline and sub-headline, a short but sweet CTA, and a show-don’t-tell approach. The hero image shows what the tool’s notifications look like. 

What makes this landing page convert

  • Demo session: at the bottom, you can request a demo session if you’re still not convinced. Adding a way for your visitors to be able to communicate with you and your team can be crucial. 


10. GetResponse



GetResponse has one of the best landing page designs – it’s neat and clean, but still creative and eye-catching. 

What makes this landing page convert?

  1. Great headline and sub-headline: in one simple sentence, they are already telling you their offer. 
  2. Client list: at the bottom, they have added a list of clients who use GetResponse for their marketing needs. This has the same effect as the testimonials, and it makes visitors trust the brand more. 

11. Google Digital Garage 

Google Digital Garadge

Google Digital Garage offers courses and training on digital skills. 

What makes this landing page convert?

  • Establishing themselves as experts: if you’re selling a course, educational e-book or something similar, you’ll want to establish yourself as an expert in the field. Why should someone take advice from you? At the bottom, you can see all the well-endowed institutions that Google Digital Garage collaborates with to provide these courses. 


12. Lilt 


Translation company Lilt offers yet another example of a very convincing page. 

What makes this landing page convert

  • A lot of testimonials: the page is focused on really highlighting all the big companies that use Lilt, and on showcasing a few personal testimonials. If I see a review by the project manager of Canva, I will trust this product. As simple as that. The testimonials here are extra useful because they use a full name, position, and photo. 



ExpressVPN has another great landing page, but this time for different reasons. 

What makes this landing page convert

  • Focus on risk-free: remember a few landing pages ago when we mentioned that people are risk-averse by nature and want to be assured they will not lose anything? ExpressVPN takes that to another level. One of the key benefits mentions ‘zero risk’. The CTA refers to a Risk-Free Trial. In reality, most trials are risk-free, but it’s good to remind your visitors. Even at the bottom, you can see a sign about a 30-day money-back guarantee. 



Sendinblue has been doing some aggressive marketing lately, and this page clearly shows that. 

What makes this landing page convert?

  • Highly personalized headline and sub-headline: not only does the sub-headline refer to a crucial pain point, it’s specifically addressing a pain point caused by their competitor. It’s a bold choice, but it clearly conveys their Unique Selling Point (USP) that sets them apart from competition. 

15. Remarkable 


We’re ending today’s landing page examples with this great design by paper tablet company Remarkable. You may have noticed that no matter how different the offer or the design is, all successful landing pages are able to summarize their key values in one or two sentences. This example is no different. 

What makes this landing page convert?

  • High quality image: Remarkable have created their own image which explains what they do better than words ever could – one the left-hand side you can see the handwritten notes, and on the right-hand side you can see the automatically generated digital version of the notes. Remember, the image is not there just to look good, it should also add some sort of value in relation to your offer. 

How to Build Your Own High Converting Landing Pages with LanderLab

If you need a quick way to replicate the success of the pages above, you can use a landing page builder like LanderLab. You simply need to download or link landing pages you are inspired by, and you can easily edit them with LanderLab’s drag-and-drop solution. 


You can also choose from a selection of landing page templates proven to convert. 


Finally, you are ready to create your own landing page. Remember to always have a clear value proposition in mind before starting working on your landing page. Everything you place on your page should further highlight or showcase your product’s key value. 

Make sure that the overall look, hero image, headline and sub-headline on your page are always on point. If you think your visitors may need some extra convincing, use testimonials, ‘key benefits’ sections, and risk-free disclaimers. 

Upload any landing pages on LanderLab, or select one of our top-converting templates, to effortlessly create your own lander. 

Start Building Your Own Landing Page!